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Adigozalov Huseyn Valiyullah ogly, Candidate of philological sciences, senior lecturer, sub-department of Russian language and literature, Nakhichevan State University (University town, Nakhichevan, the Nakhichevan autonomous republic, Azerbaijan),

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Background. Political, economical and cultural changes in the system of interre-lations between Russia and Azerbaijan condition the necessity of reconsidering and reviewing the centuries-long interliterary and intercultural relationships and moral-cltural values of these nations. Quite topical in terms of research seem to be the im-portant aspects of the problem “M.Y. Lermontov and Azerbaijan”: the poet‟s stay in this country, his introduction to the culture and language, to Azerbaijani people, the history of his transposition of the Azerbaijani folk fable “Ashug-Garib”. The study is aimed at collection and description of images, details, observations, hints, scat-tered in various sources, and at construction of an integral and general picture of the Azerbaijani pages of M. Y. Lermontov‟s works.
Materials and methods. Special attention is paid to the problem of Lermontov‟s impressions in Azerbaijan, how were they interpreted and reflected in his works. The analysis included M. Y. Lermontov‟s letters to S. A. Raevsky, the fable “Ashug-Garib” later transposed into Russian, and his works, such as «Ya v Tiflise (Me in Tif-lis)», «Svidanie (The date)», «Na burke pod tenyu chinary (On a cloak in the plane tree shade)», «Spor (The argument)», «Valerik (Valery) », «Spesha na sever izdaleka (Hastening to the North from afar)», «Kinzhal (the Dagger)», «Demon (The demon)», «Kavkazets (The Caucasian) », «Geroy nashego vremeni (A hero of our time)». The methodological potential includes the historical-philological method allowing to reveal the existing aspects of the problem under consideration on the basis of extensive data of studies about Lermontov and to trace the evolution of topical problems solution.
Results. The Azerbaijani motifs in Lermontov‟s works were considered from the point of view of artistic and idea functions, influence on poetry, image structure of M. Y. Lermontov‟s works, enrichment of his figurative palette. It is proved that the eastern lexical and linguistic means taken from the Azerbaijani language perform various artistic-idea functions in the poet‟s works creating the picture of life of Cau-casian peoples including the Azerbaijani reality. The author also analyzed poetic pieces by the Azerbaijani poets devoted to M. Y. Lermontov recalling the insipiring image of the poet.
Conclusions. The study of the problem allows to conclude that M. Y. Lermon-tov, describing the everyday life, temper and customs of the Azerbaijani people, sig-nificantly contributed to introduction of the Russian readers to this country, pro-moted the interest in it. The Azerbaijan theme in works by M. Y. Lermontov intro-duced new images and ideas into the Russian literature, brought the new vivifying stream in it, enriched the vocabulary and language of the poet‟s works by multiple lexical strata of Azerbaijani origin. It is stated that the hypotheses, put forward by many scientists, about M. Y. Lermontov being acquainted with M. F. Akhundov, A. Bakikhanov, I. Kutkashensky, an individual who helped him transpose the “Ashug-Garib” fable, and about the identities of Ali and Akhmet, represented in the unfinished work “Me in Tiflis”, still remain to be assumptions without final decisions. 

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Lermontov, works, Caucasus, Azerbaijan motifs, literary translation, «Ashug-Garib» fable, personal relationships, Azerbaijan language, devotion, literary image. 

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